Important reasons to install a chimney cap are:


Chimney caps keep moisture from coming down into your home. Rain water can cause severe damage to chimneys with steel liners, chimney dampers and mortar joints. Water from rain can also produce mildew and mold.

Chimney Moisture Damage
Chimney Animal Damage


Animals like birds, raccoon’s and squirrels often try to make their homes within chimneys. In many cases, these critters will enter the chimney but won’t be able to exit, eventually dying. This can produce maggots, flies and unpleasant odors in your home. A professionally installed chimney cap, sized properly, will prevent animals from entering the chimney.


If the wind is blowing in a certain direction, it can introduce a downdraft. If you don’t have a chimney cap and you’re using a wood-burning fireplace at the time, a wind-induced downdraft has the potential of blowing smoke back into your home. The flat-shaped top of a chimney cap is designed to help prevent wind-induced downdrafts.

Chimney Smoke Inside Home
Chimney sparks cap installation

Sparks and Embers

Some people refer to chimney caps as spark arrestors, which basically means that the chimney cap helps prevent lit embers or sparks that travel up the chimney from landing on roof, possibly catching it on fire.

Debris Build-up

Leaves, branches, twigs and other debris can enter a chimney and build up if a chimney cap is not in place.

Chimney cap debris cleaning

At Chimney Cleaning Atlanta, we offer only top quality dampers, caps, rain pans and chimney screens. From custom fabricated caps, to already made an designed ones. Chimney Cleaning Atlanta will find the right one for you. Our technicians are dedicated to our customers and experienced with all aspects of chimney cleaning, repair, installation, and inspections. We restore masonry and crowns as well, so call us for any of your chimney needs.

Custom Fabricated Masonry Caps

Custom masonry caps are built to fit the specific dimensions of your chimney. Since they are built to order, we can make them tall enough to prevent potential performance problems with your chimney. Each cap is equipped with 26 gauge pre-coated black galvanized steel, re-enforced legs and banding, and a special steel screen to prevent unwanted visitors like birds or squirrels. Home owners often think that brick is indestructible, but like anything else, if left unprotected, major damage will occur. Water intrusion on a masonry chimney can destroy mortar joints and cause major fire hazards.

Custom Fabricated Masonry Caps
Custom Fabricated Masonry Caps Installation
Chase cover
Chimney Rain Pan

Chase covers also refered as chimney rain pan

Chase Top or rain pans covers are applied to the top of a chimney structure and allow the venting pipe to pass through it. These are applied only to Pre-Fabricated Fireplaces. There is no such thing as a one size fits all, we will have to measure the outside dimensions of your chimney structure including the location of the venting pipe and fabricate the chase to fit your exact chimney measurements.

Lock top damper

The Lock-Top Chimney Cap combines a Masonry Chimney Cap with an energy-savings built in damper system for Masonry Fireplaces with rusted and non-working damper assemblies. It comes with 30′ of cable that is dropped down the chimney and is operated with a handle mounted inside the firebox.

Chimney Lock Top Damper
Chimney Lock Top Damper
Chimney Cap Prefab
Chimney Cap Prefababricated

Pre fabricated chimney cap

These Chimney Caps are available in either 8″ – 9″ or 10″ round. To measure this cap for a proper fit we must measure the interior size of the chimney pipe and the exterior. Not all pipes are the same.

Chimney Shrouds

We also offer custom Fabricated chimney shrouds, which are matching top pieces shaped to divert rain away from the chimney. The chimney shroud covers the termination cap in a very aesthetic way with an architectural styled peaked roof or decorative design to top off the chimney nicely. A decorative shroud will add character and value to your home

Chimney Shroud Atlanta
Chimney Shroud Cap